Sunday, January 31, 2010

More onesies!

Just in time for spring! Onesies embellished with hummingbirds and coordinating buttons. These button onesies are so much fun for little ones. Like a built in toy!

Friday, January 29, 2010

NOT So Tacky Apron!

This was a fun apron to do, especially after hearing about who it was for! A friend from college asked if I could make an apron for a friend of hers'. She went on to tell me that her friend had asked her husband for a "cute" apron for Christmas. On Christmas morning, this is what she found... or at least what I imagined it to be.

She said that the apron had a bikini printed on it, complete with cutouts! If she is like me, I'm sure she was horrified.

Well, enough of that! Here is what I made... hopefully a "NOT So Tacky Apron". I hope she likes it!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grocery Trip

Ok... So, I know this is not one of the money-saving blogs that are out there, but I can't resist telling you about my grocery trip today! I heard that some of the local Food Lion's were going out of business and beginning today the whole store was 60% off! Not only that, but they were still taking manufacturer's coupons!!! I'll admit, I'm one of those crazy coupon clippers! If you are not, please consider doing so! You can save so much! I consistently save between 50-60% off of my grocery bill every week. There are so many websites that can help you get started. I'll even be glad to help! :)

Anyway, so here's how I did today.... I brought home $169.04 worth of groceries but only paid $46.94! I haven't even told my husband yet.... he will be so proud.

For the first time, I took pictures of what I got. Here they are....
You'll see that most of what I got was pantry items. All of their produce, meat and a lot of their dairy was already pulled from the shelves. :( But I was able to snag several refrigerated jars of fruit and lots of canned veggies. I plan to finish up with my produce for the week at Aldi.

Monday, January 25, 2010


A good friend of mine recently had a baby girl and they named her Waverly. Isn't that the sweetest name ever? I almost wish I thought of it first! :) Anyway, I made this precious embellished onsie and matching burp cloth. I loved it so much I made another one for my etsy shop. Now that my creative juices are flowing again, I'll be posting more soon!

Where have I been?

Sorry for no posts for so long!!!

These last few months have been really busy for us. In September my dad, who had pancreatic cancer, took a turn for the worse and was under hospice care, but staying with friends. Although he was with friends, I visited him most every day. He decided that he would like to be with us for his final time on earth, so we moved him in with us in October. It was an adjustment for us, but we knew that this was what we were called to do at this time in our lives. We are so glad we were able to give him a comfortable, loving place to be at the end of his life. We were able to spend time together, have good conversations, and most importantly, he was able to spend time on a daily basis with his only grandchild, my daughter Elizabeth. His life came to an end on November 8. Here is a picture of Elizabeth and her "grandaddy", as he wanted to be called.
Elizabeth's 1st Birthday party was on November 14. I am so blessed with wonderful friends who volunteered to help with the food given the week that we were dealing with. It really made her party much easier! Then the holidays hit!

Thanksgiving in Knoxville, Tn to visit Daniel's parents and then back to Nashville for Daniel's extended family Thanksgiving.

Christmas in Oklahoma City with my mom and step dad, Bob. While we were there, we experienced a blizzard with full "white-out" conditions! Once the winds died down, we were able to play outside. This was Elizabeth's first experience with snow!
She loved it!
Until she fell face first in it!

Now that the end of Janurary is coming to an end, I'm hoping to get caught up!
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