Thursday, May 5, 2011

100th Sale Winner Announced!

Karen Brockette said...

wow...first time I have visited and you have adorable stuff!!! Thanks Leigh for sending me over!!!!

Congratulations Karen!  I will be contacting you shortly!

Thank you to everyone who has commented with suggestions
 and supported TOTEally Posh!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let's celebrate 100!!!

You're invited to celebrate with me!  
How?  I'm having a giveaway!

What am I giving away?
$25 credit to use in my Etsy Shop.

Giveaway Details:
1.  Become a fan of  TOTEally Posh on Facebook
2.  Come back here and leave me a comment telling me what you would like to see in my Shop.
3.  BONUS ENTRY: Post on your Facebook wall inviting your friends to "like" TOTEally Posh and leave me a comment telling me you did so.
4.  Do this by 11:59pm Central Time on Tuesday, May 3.
5.  Make sure your email address is linked to your comment (or leave your email address in your comment) to ensure that I am able to get in contact with you.

Good luck!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Check out JennyGale: She is organizing Chaos..... I'm featured today!

Check out JennyGale: She is organizing chaos.... I'm featured today!

Every day I am more amazed at all the talent that is oozing out of this woman!

Here are just a few examples of her beautiful work....

Be sure to check out her blog HERE.

She's also going to be at The Strawberry Patch Barn Sale the last weekend of April selling some of her creations.  I'm heading up there to check out this awesome sale and may have booth of my own for the fall sale!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shop Promotions

To celebrate, I'm announcing a promotion!

10% off purchases made April 7- 10!!! Enter code: APRILSHOWERS

ONGOING PROMOTION: 15% off next purchase for previous customers who post a picture on my Facebook Page of their little ones wearing their TOTEally Posh outfits!!! Once the picture is posted, message me and I will give you the code! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Winner Announced!!!

I had so much fun hosting my first giveaway to celebrate my first 100 Facebook fans!  I enjoyed reading each comment.

There were a few of you who had commented on TOTEally Posh facebook page and I went ahead and counted you in.  Sorry about the confusion this time around!  

There were a total of 17 entries!  Thank you so much for participating.  Be sure to keep checking back because TOTEally Posh will be doing this again when there are 200 fans!

So, spread the word, so you'll have another chance to win!
If you're not a fan of TOTEally Posh on Facebook
head over there now to join in the fun!

Ok.... .Here we go...... 
(I had some help with this morning to make it fair---she was so excited to help!)

 And the winner is......
Emily Little 

Congratulations Emily!  Message me and we'll discuss your tee!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

GIVEAWAY going on at TOTEally Posh!!!!

Head over to TOTEally Posh on Facebook because there is an exciting giveaway going on!!!!
CHANGE: I found out that I cannot host a giveaway on Facebook, so leave a comment on this post on the blog!  Sorry about that!

1.  "Like" TOTEally Posh on Facebook
2.   Leave a comment on this post stating what your favorite TOTEally Posh item is
3.   Leave your comment by Monday night at Midnight.  This will be considered your entry.
4.   Tuesday morning I will draw a name and announce it on Facebook and blog!
5.   The winner will receive one applique tee!!!!

Here is an example of a design that you could choose:

Head over now!  I'll make it easy for you..... Click HERE to see TOTEally Posh on Facebook.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fandango 2 Movie Tickets for $9!!!

Just a quick post to tell you about a deal that I found today.....

Living Social's deal today is TWO Fandango tickets for $9!!!!

If you ask me, movie ticket prices are getting WAY out of hand, so go to LIVING SOCIAL (Atlanta)  to get your discounted tickets!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Healthy Breakfast to Make Ahead and Freeze

One of my goals for the new year was to eat as "clean" as possible, and to rid my diet of  "white stuff".  So far, I've been doing well with this goal.  I've switched to using only Whole Wheat Flour.  I've had some failures.... pizza crust......but I'll be working on that one.  
However, this recipe has been a success!

Whole Wheat Pancakes
2 c whole wheat flour
2T honey or agave nectar
1T baking powder
1 egg
1 1/2 c milk
3 T butter, melted
2/3 c pureed fruit
1/2 t vanilla 

Mix all wet ingredients in one bowl.  Mix all dry ingredients in another bowl.  Combine both until just mixed.

Spray griddle or non stick skillet with cooking spray.  Laddle the batter onto griddle to make about 3-4 inch pancake.  Cook until solid on one side and flip.  Cook until done.

I've been using canned pumpkin for the pureed fruit and throw in a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips before cooking.    When I make these, I double the recipe, freeze the cooked pancakes on a cookie sheet to freeze individually and then package them up in freezer bags.  When ready to eat, take out as many as you would like and heat in microwave for about one minute.

Another delicious variation is banana walnut!  

I love having a healthful breakfast readily available! 
 Elizabeth likes it with honey and syrup.... Daniel and I just prefer the syrup.

There are endless ways to make this recipe your own.  Play with it and let me know what you come up with!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TOTEally Posh is on Facebook!

Yes, I finally created a Facebook page for TOTEally Posh! Many people have told me that it would be easier for them to keep up with what I am doing if I were on Facebook, so I took their requests and made it happen.
For those of you who "like" my page, I will be posting special promotions available only to Facebook fans.  Be sure to head over there and like my page.  To make it easier for you, click here for the link.

FEBRUARY PROMOTION: 25% of all my shop sales are going to the a special family's adoption fund.  Go here for more details.


Friday, January 21, 2011


It's something that I've known I need to do for a while, just hadn't quite decided what look I wanted to go for.  I was getting a little tired of the hot pink and black, so I began searching for someone on Etsy who I thought could create the look that I was going for.  That's when I came across Heather from The Buzz.  She listened to exactly what I had in mind and created a new banner and avatar for my Etsy shop.  Click here to check it out!  If you have a shop, you really should stop in and browse The Buzz and all the business tools she offers.

Next up, I needed some new fabric labels for my clothing items to stay consistent with my new design.  I was so happy when I found Lisa from MommieMadeIt!  Her fabric labels are awesome and she had the perfect thing to coordinate with the new look for my shop.

She has the cutest packaging!
Here is what I found when I opened my package....
I am in love with the image of that little girl! 
 And guess what????
She's a paper doll! 
( I'll have to put this away for a few years until Elizabeth is a little older.  I loved paper dolls when I was young, and I just know she will, too!)

I will definitely be a return customer!

I had just finished up a custom order this morning when I received my labels in the mail.  I immediately got to work and just love how it looks on this pillowcase dress!

If you're new to Etsy, be sure and check it out.  If you can imagine it, it's out there.  A huge number of stay-at-home mommies are making a living by selling their items here.  

Go out and support one!  And while you're at it, buy something cute!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Items in Shop and an Opportunity for YOU!

Looking for a versatile piece for you daughter's wardrobe?  
Check out my new Elizabeth Pillowcase Dress!  

This can be made in dress or tunic length.  

Embellish it with an applique..........

OR for a classic look, go without an applique.
Elizabeth Pillowcase Tunic/ Dress 6m 12m 18m 24m 2T 3T 4T 5T 6 7 8
These are even more adorable when paired with the Ella Ruffle Pant.
Want to purchase one of these for a good cause?

Murray and Jaime Sanderson (and Faith and Eli), a wonderful family at our church,  are in the process of adopting a precious 3 year old little girl, named Dinkenesh,  from Ethiopia.  There will be a Dinner Party and Silent Auction benefiting their adoption and I will be donating one of these sets along with a matching pair of American Girl ruffle pants.

Want to know more about their journey to adoption?  Check out their blog here.
You can also go here to see what other "fun"draising opportunities there are to help.

I am also donating 25% of any sales made in my Etsy Shop in the month of February to their adoption fund.
From now until February, I am working, working, working to stock my store for this giving opportunity.  

Please pray about what you can you can do to join me in supporting the Sanderson family!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beans, Cornbread, & Snowcream

Nashville has enjoyed a few days of snow, but it sure has been cold!  
Here's a recipe to warm you up!

What do I do when I need some advice on how to cook something?  Call Mom.  When I asked her about making beans, she laughed and said that it took her 50 years to figure how to make a good pot of beans

 Here's how she does it.....(and my first attempt).

White Beans
1 bag of white beans
1 ham bone (I had one in the freezer leftover from Christmas dinner)
1 large carrot, shredded
1 onion, diced
salt and pepper to taste
water (I also used about two cups of chicken broth that I had leftover in the refrigerator that I used)
1 T bacon grease

Rinse beans and soak in water overnight.

Melt bacon grease over medium heat in a large pot or dutch oven.  Saute carrot and onion until tender.  Once tender, add chicken broth, beans, salt and pepper and ham bone.  Add enough water to just cover the ham bone.  Bring to a boil.  Reduce heat to low and cover.  Let simmer about 8 hours.  When it is ready, the meat should just fall off the ham bone.  Remove the ham bone and any fatty pieces.

Here's what it looks like when it's ready......

No secret.... I use the recipe off of the bag of Martha White Self Rising Cornbread Mix.  On the back of the package, there is two recipes.  I've tried both, but have decided we like the Country Cornbread recipe best.  

8 cups of snow
1 14 oz can of Eagle Brand (I used fat free)
1 t vanilla

Put above ingredients in a large bowl and mix with a hand mixer until creamy.
( I had to add about a cup of milk to get it creamy.)
YUMMY!!!  Elizabeth especially enjoyed this part of the meal!

Daniel and I were talking about how this meal made us feel like we should have been in a cabin in the woods somewhere.  Even though we were in this our little cottage in the city, it's ok to just imagine!

Stay warm!

Friday, January 7, 2011

My New Best Friend

I had always thought that a rotary cutter and self healing mat were only for quilters....which I am not.  I didn't see the need of one for my self until I started cutting out lots of straight lined pieces for ruffle pants and apron dresses.  I thought, there's got to be a better way!  So, I put a rotary cutter and mat on my Christmas List.  

Daniel's parents were so kind to get me both as part of my Christmas!

I decided to give them a try yesterday.  WOW!  These sure do make life easier!  I cut out several straight pieces for ruffle pants then decided to see how they would work on curves.  WOW again!  I just laid my pattern piece out.... no need to pin..... hold down in place with one hand and "trace" the pattern with the rotary cutter with the other hand.  

I'm sure gonna love having these!
Thanks Mark and Betty for my gift!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blog Worthy Savings

Would you believe me if I told you 
that I got all of this makeup for $4?  

 Here's proof!
CVS has LOTS of their Loreal cosmetics marked 75% off.  Pair this with this past Sundays coupons for $5 off ANY 2 Loreal cosmetics, and another coupon for $2 off any Loreal cosmetics.  If you have duplicates, even better!  

All of the items that I bought were regularly priced between $11-14.... on sale they were $2-3, with my coupons, my total was $4.43.

If you are in need of new make up like I was, head over there now.  Let me know what you find!
I have one more $2 coupon that I plan to use tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Recent Custom Order

I wanted to share a recent custom order that I had right before Christmas.  A family friend, Celene, contacted me and asked if I could do outfits for her granddaughters and something matching for their American Girl dolls.  I had not made doll clothes before, but am always up for a challenge.  After discussing it, she decided to go with appliqued shirts with their first initial along with ruffle pants for the girls, and matching ruffle pants for the dolls.

Here are some pictures.....

I LOVE how they were turned out and was elated when Celene emailed me multiple times to tell me how happy she was with them!

I loved them so much, I added them to my Etsy Shop!  Soon I will be adding more.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year & A Recipe

Well, it's already a few days into the new year.  I've spent the first days of the new year catching up on some things that I've put off during the holidays, enjoying some family time with just the three of us before Daniel went back to work, and doing some relaxing.  

The new year is a good time to look back at the year before and make plans for the year ahead.  I cringe at the word "resolutions" because I've resolved so many times, to lose weight, read my Bible daily, save more money, manage time better, and on and on and on.  

This year, instead of making resolutions, I'm going to practice goal setting.  I've always done better when I have goals. So, here are my goals for this year.....

1) Eat healthier- eat as "clean" as possible, lean meat, no "white stuff", drink more water
2) Personal Bible study - at least 3 times a week.  This doesn't include "couple study" time.
3) Blog at least 3 times a week.
4) Expand Etsy shop.

These are my personal goals for this year. Daniel and I also have some couple and family goals that we will be working towards.  I have more specific steps written out in a journal that I'm keeping.  I'll keep you all updated on how I'm doing.

What are your GOALS or resolutions for this year?

Ok.... now for the recipe!
We ate this for Breakfast on New Years Day.  (Before I technically started my "healthier eating" goal! :))

Overnight Caramel French Toast 
from Beth at Eat.Drink.Smile
originally from Cooking Light Magazine
photo borrowed from Beth at Eat.Drink.Smile

1 cup packed light brown sugar
1/2 cup light-colored corn syrup
1/4 cup butter
Cooking spray
10 (1-oz) slices French bread (soft bread such as Pepperidge Farm)
2 1/2 cups 1% low-fat milk
1 Tbsp all-purpose flour
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp salt
2 large eggs
2 Tbsp granulated sugar
1 tsp ground cinnamon


Combine first 3 ingredients in a small saucepan. Cook over medium heat 5 minutes or until mixture is bubbly, stirring constantly. Pour mixture evenly into a 13 x 9-inch baking dish coated with cooking spray.
Arrange bread slices in a single layer over syrup in dish.
Combine milk and next 4 ingredients (through eggs) in a large bowl, stirring with a whisk. Pour egg mixture over bread slices. Cover and refrigerate for 8 hours or overnight.
Preheat oven to 350°.
Combine granulated sugar and cinnamon. Sprinkle evenly over bread.
Bake at 350° for 50 minutes or until golden. Let stand for 5 minutes before serving.

I recently came across Beth about a month or so ago when she was hosting a giveaway on her site.  She was giving away a City Saver (formerly City Pass) coupon book.   I WON!!!   We rarely eat out without a coupon, and always buy this book, so it was so exciting to win.  Thanks again Beth!   Be sure to head over to her blog for lots of yummy recipes and restaurant reviews.  She's local (Nashville) but reviews restaurants in other cities as she travels.
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