Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat Time!

Recently, I participated in a Trick or Treat Swap hosted by A Work in Progress. I had so much fun with this swap! Here are the treats that I received....

Treat: This banner looks awesome on my mantle! I wish you could see it in person!

Treat: This is another decorative banner. Each "flag" is made out of fabric with letters cut out of a different pattern and sewn on. It reads "SPOOK!"

Trick: Cyclops Stress Reliever. My daughter loves this!


The following are the items that I sent out....

Treat: Tissue holder for your purse made out of orange toile accented with black ric rac. A great thing to have when your little monster has a runny nose!

Treat: Orange Toile Apron, for cooking those ghoulish delights!

Trick: A bag of Beads! Be creative and make something frightful!

Thanks for hosting Christine!


  1. The apron you made is beautiful! Thank you. You got some fun stuff. The cyclops stress reliever is neat. I'm glad you liked your banner. :)

  2. Erin, thanks so much for participating in the Trick 'r Treat swap. If I had know both were banners, I would have tried to get you something else. The one drawback to having everything wrapped. I hope you checked out the bracelet I made with the beads. :-) Happy Halloween!

  3. These are SO fun! Let me know when you do another swap and I'll be IN! :-)

  4. The banners you received look fabulous hanging in your home. This was a fun swap....Happy Halloween.

  5. Erin, I've been meaning to tell you that you should be one of those people who blog about saving money, finding good deals, and using coupons. You are so talented at it.

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  7. I meant to say, "I LOVE your TRICK idea!". But I love your treats, too. :)

  8. what great swaps goodies...glad you like the stress ball. I hope she hosts again next I have more ideas!!!!

  9. I received your kleenex pouch. A cute idea. It is in my purse where it is very useful this time of year. Thanks!


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