Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Etsy SALE! Revamping Shop

First of all, thank you for all of the sweet and encouraging comments on my last post.  That was a difficult post to write.  I normally don't open up my heart that much, but as one friend said "What a blessing when we share our hurts and triumphs".  All your thoughts are much appreciated.  I am so humbled by the wonderful and supportive community that surrounds me.

Now, on to some exciting news!

I'm revamping my Etsy shop!
Over the next couple weeks, you'll be seeing lots of new items added!  

Here is a sneak peak.....

I'm just loving all the new fabrics!  
Can't wait to show you some new designs!

In the meantime, I've slashed prices on most of my current items.

Here are some examples:
3 Rosette Headband
Sale- $5.50  SOLD

Sale- $3.00

Doily Onesie
Sale- $6.00

Paisley Tote
Sale- $20.00

This isn't all!  Head over now to check out all my sale items! 

This is the perfect chance to grab some 
Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers!

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