Thursday, November 4, 2010

Goodbye October, Hello November & Home Improvements

Has October seriously already gone?   What happened to my favorite month???  Wow!  And looking back now, not one blog post?

What have I been doing?  Lots and lots of decluttering and home improvement projects.  Now we're asking ourselves "Why didn't we do this 5 years ago?"

Today,  I'll start with pictures of the kitchen.....

I can't believe I'm showing these!  
So cluttered!
Excuse the dirty dishes!
Kitchen counter all prepped for it's makeover. 
 I found this awesome paint at Lowe's made by Rustoleum called Countertop Paint.  This stuff is amazing!   If you ever use it, my advice?  Be sure to wear a mask and use a sponge roller.  It said to use a roller for smooth surfaces which I did, but it left pieces of lint, so my countertops are not perfectly smooth.  Oh well, if we were going to stay here another 5 years I would consider sanding and starting over, but to get it sold, it is fine.
Countertops after their facelift

Daniel getting the floors prepped for new flooring

Here it is!  We love it.... AND are asking ourselves why we didn't do this sooner.
You can't see the fridge in the picture, but I assure you, there is not one thing on it.... 
And on top?  
Just a small, neat stack of cookbooks.


  1. wow looks like a new kitchen, the drawer pulls also made a big difference, good job guys! good luck on the sale.

  2. What a great job. You have inspired me to try the countertop paint. I am in the process of stripping off two layers of paper in the kitchen. Wish you would buy my house and then you could do all the "fixin up"!!!

  3. I think the counter tops look amazing Erin. I doubt anyone will even see the small imperfections.

  4. Erin, The change is fantastic! The new floor sure warms up the space nicely. It really looks like a new kitchen.Great job!! Mom


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