Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Introducing.... Sprinkles for Sprouts & a special offer for TOTEally Posh readers!

My cousin, Lisa, just opened an Etsy Shop called Sprinkles for Sprouts.  Don't you just love the name?  When you see what she makes, you'll understand just how perfect the name is.

She is a stay-at-home mom of two precious children and also an AMAZING photographer.  (If you've seen any of our professional pictures of Elizabeth, Lisa is the photographer.... to see her photography website click HERE)  She has always been crafty, but once she started her photography business several years back, she found that she loved making hair accessories for the infants that she photographs.  This idea blossomed into Sprinkles for Sprouts!  She just opened her shop a few days ago and her headbands have been selling like hotcakes!

Here is a sampling of some of the items in her shop and her amazing photography skills:

Lisa is so gracious to offer TOTEally Posh readers a special offer!  
Buy 3, Get 1 Free (equal or lesser value)
Head over to Sprinkles for Sprouts and take advantage of this deal she is offering!

She will also be adding big girl headbands soon!  


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