Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Need a Quick & Inexpensive Baby Gift? {My Taggie Blanket Tutorial}

There are so many babies being born around me right now!  So exciting, but that means LOTS of gifts to give and that can get expensive.  

My solution? 
I love giving handmade gifts and one of my favorite gifts to give is Taggie Blankets.

These are so easy to make!

Items Needed:
Sewing Machine
Plastic Bag or other krinkly material

Step 1:  Cut two squares of fabric the same size.  I usually make mine about 8--10" square.  This will be the front and back of your blanket.  I like to use terry cloth or flannel because it is soft for babies.  In this tutorial, I am using terry cloth.

Step 2: Cut ribbon in lengths of about 2-3".  I use a variety of ribbon so it is interesting for baby to touch and see.  

Step 3:  Fold ribbon lengths in half and pin to one square of fabric with the loop end of the folded ribbon facing inward.  (Be sure to pin with ends of pins facing the outer part of the square so they can easily be removed.  In this picture, I accidently pinned a few facing inward.  It can still work, but it is more difficult to remove the pins.)

Step 4:  Place the other square of fabric on top of the pinned ribbons and pin down.

Step 5:  Sew around the square leaving a 2" hole for turning right side out.  If this hole interferes with one of your ribbons, just remove that ribbon and insert during step 8. Remove all pins.

Step 6:  Turn right side out.  

Step 7:  Cut plastic bags in squares the same size as you cut your fabric and insert the pieces into the square. 

Step 8:  Turn edges of hole towards the inside and sew closed.  (If you had to remove a ribbon for the hold in step 5, stick in in and sew it closed.

Step 6:  Press edges for a cleaner finish and top stitch about a 1/4" inside the square.  You're done!

Pair this with an appliqued onesie and 
you have a perfect gift made with love!

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  1. Very cool idea and wonderful idea on how to use some of the many plastic bags I seem to have.

    Luckily I do have a neice who will be having a baby soon. I see one in her future.

  2. Erin, I made a taggie blanket that was inspired by yours. I'll be showing it later today on my blog and linking back to yours as my inspiration.


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