Monday, December 6, 2010

Drowning in Felt

If I don't see felt until this time next year, that will be fine with me!

Last week I was drowning in felt!  


I was helping with our church's Christmas Breakfast and making the 
Santa photo backdrop and 6 foot candy canes were my responsibility.

This was easy sewing considering the backdrop was only straight lines, but these were huge backdrops!  12"X9"!  And, so the lines for Santa would not be too long, we had two rooms with Santa, so yes, I made two backdrops and 4 candy canes
I love this kind of thing, though!  I'm happy to give my talents and time for a good cause.
I love how the rooms turned out!

Now, if you ever have to make 6 foot free standing candy canes, here is a suggestion....
When stuffing the candy cane, first insert a pool noodle to help keep the arch.  First we tried a wire hanger and newspaper, but the newspaper was too heavy for the hanger.  The pool noodle worked perfectly!  

Here are a few shots of the event.....
This was the stage area in the sanctuary.  We all met in the sanctuary for songs, story time, and to receive instructions for the morning.  Everyone was divided up into three groups.  Our first activity was crafts, which we missed out on because we were having too much fun with friends.

I LOVE these kids!
Half of our life group kids.  There are five more that were not there.

First family picture of the day.

The second was taken with Santa.  Elizabeth had a death grip on Daniel when it was time to have her picture made with Santa, so instead of missing out on a Santa pic completely, we decided to get in the picture too.  We don't have that picture yet.

This baby Jesus display is in the foyer.  Elizabeth loved looking at Baby Jesus.

Elizabeth is our little meat eater. Here she picked the ham off the biscuit!

We enjoyed breakfast with the Bacigalupo Family.
Elizabeth liked Bella's headband, but Bella didn't want Elizabeth's sticky fingers in her hair!

Sticker Time!

We had so much fun at the OC Christmas Breakfast!  Looking forward to next year.  
(Maybe next year we'll be able to get a good Santa picture!)


  1. Very cute, great job!

  2. I love how the back drops turned out! You did a great job with the felt! I especially like the chair cover.

  3. This looks great Erin. Can't wait to see some of the photos with Santa. Great job.


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