Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Turtlenecks turned T-Shirts

Ok... I loved the Turtleneck To T-Shirt so much, that I raided Elizabeth's drawers for turtlenecks that I could turn into t-shirts.  I've had a hard time finding decent short-sleeved shirts out there without all the cartoony screen prints, so this has been the perfect solution for me!
                                        Here are two more t-shirts that I made. 
This one, I made just like the white one.  Click here for a quick tutorial.

The pink one was made the same as the previous shirts, except that I didn't do the pleated sleeves.  It will do, but I like the pleated sleeves SO much better.  Be sure to check out my previous post to see my cute little model!

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  1. how very cute! Love those ruffles!! Thanks so much for your comment on my lamp, and yes, I love those solid wood finds! -shaunna :)


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