Friday, March 12, 2010

I Won!!!

Last month I participated in a worldwide craft swap called One World, One Heart hosted by Lisa Swifka.  To read more about this event, click here.  I had so much fun checking out many blogs that I normally would not have ever come across! 

One of the items that I won was this beautiful miniature hot air balloon was made by Patricia at Papillon Bleu.
Isn't it amazing?  Now, to find the perfect spot in my house for it... probably in my daughter's room.

She also included a.....

I had no idea what this could be, so I was so excited to open it and see....

So sweet!  I love it!  Thank you so much Patricia!

Another item that I won was a beaded bookmark made by  Mimi & Nana

However, this is no ordinary bookmark!  It is a Page and Line bookmark, meaning that not only can you mark the page, but you can also mark the specific line you stopped at! 

This bookmark is great for bookmarking a book that I recently won! 
Ruth at Gracious Living, generously hosts a monthly giveaway.  I was honored to win January's giveaway and received this book....
I look forward to diving into this study once I'm done with my current study!  Who doesn't need to learn about putting on a Gentle and Quiet Spirit?

Thank you so much for all of your generosity!


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