Friday, March 12, 2010

Not so perfect Goodwill find

Not sure what this is, but I found it at Goodwill for only 99 cents.  I thought it had potential.... maybe for my daughter's room. 
Once again, my husband though I was crazy for bringing it home, let alone pay money for it.  I'm assuming that it is supposed to hold a flower.  What do you think?

Since I thought it would go in Elizabeth's room, I started by spray painting it in Ballet Slipper by Krylon.  I just love this shade of pink!   Then I antiqued it with Valspar's Mocha glaze.
I'm still undecided....

Maybe Daniel is right!


  1. Thank you so much for checking on me; that's very sweet of you! We went out of town for a few days and I came back with a lovely inner ear infection, so I haven't felt much like posting anything....sad because while we were out of town, my head was just swimming with ideas. My dizziness is better, but the steroids are keeping me from sleeping, so I'm just bushed is all. I promise to be up again next week....OH, and thanks for the note too :)

  2. Is it a flower vase? I think you got a major score at the thrift store!

  3. I definitely like it better in pink. I think it is supposed to to hold a flower. I'm sure you can find something clever to feature. Maybe line the interior of the "frame" with a cute paper or fabric that matches her room. A nesting bird in the middle or some other theme you may have going on in the room. Fun!

  4. I can't really tell how big the frame is or the opening. But if it is around 8x10-ish and would hold a tooth brush you could print out this little song on some decorative paper and maybe decoupage it on there (water proof seal it too) for a really neat tooth brush holder. Would be cute sitting on the counter in the bathroom for Miss Elizabeth. Just an idea.

    Sung to: "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"

    Brush, brush brush your teeth.
    Keep them clean each day.
    then you'll have a pretty smile,
    And healthy teeth all day.


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